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Sunday, September 26, 2010

M/V DA-BFAR Pacific Seaboard Research Flyers

Chemical Oceanography


Biological Oceanography (Phytoplankton Research)

 Biological Oceanography (Fish Eggs and Larvae Study)

Physical Oceanography

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another 3 New Blogs Approaching...

Get On to be Updated with Latest Fashion Trend in Iloilo.


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A Blog Made Exclusively For The Newly Elected Mayor of Banate.
Banate, Iloilo, The Philippines

Thursday, September 23, 2010



Kasag Festival Logo
official logo of the Kasag Festival of the Municipality Of Banate, Iloilo, Philippines (Blue Crab Festival).
A symbol of the Crab and Waves representing the One Town, One Product of the municipality where the festival was derived.

American Gamefowl
t-shirt graphics for Tribu Hiligaynon intended as bonus material for every purchase of AD3 Video Cock Fighting DVDs. A picture of a proud gamefowl like the American Eagle is fierce warrior.

MV/DA BFAR Research Report Cover
cover design of Research Report published by the Bureau Of Fisheries And Aquatic Resources National Office. These reports were distributed to various fishery organizations here and abroad. Featured on these covers were the various research conducted by the Oceanographic And Marine Aqua Research Team of the DA/BFAR.

Eureka Discount Cards
sample card designs in 2x3 inches , submitted to Eureka Discount Cards. Now the card is in full circulation and is being used by thousands of people and is accredited by hundreds of merchants.

T-Shirt Design for Banate
illustrating a collage inside the text. A multitude of activities of the lgu like its festival and the tribu kasag, tourist spots, government buildings and other images of the municipality.

T-Shirt Design for Banate
illustrating a tropical design plus color.

Invitation Motocross and Motard Competition
billboard design in more than 20 feet high, featuring a motorcycle rider in black background with another rider in red that acts as another background.

Official Logo of the Tribu Kasag
used during the tribe’s participation at the Aliwan Fiesta in Manila, Philippines

St. Jerome Academy
billboard showing the institution’s mission and vision. Displayed during the school’s 41st Foundation Day.

a tourism billboard of the Municipality of Oton showing the products, crafts and places of interest.

Lords of the Blades
banner ad display for AD3 Video Production and gamefowl/cock fighting promotions. Pictured here are two gamefowl fiercely fighting.

Para Ordnance
T-shirt design customized for the gun enthusiasts using the same brand of hand gun. The design shows the logo of Para-Ordnance embedded on a wooden. More like the hand guns container.
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