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WhY Do You Need A Blog/Web Site

Chances are you business competitor already has a site!

Business is like a big race, and your company is another competitor vying for the prize of success, ensuring your bigger chances of getting ahead of the pack is the question.

It is a common mistake that entrepreneurs look at technology, creative and marketing departments as major cost department. On the contrary by empowering and strengthening these aspects of business, they will boost profit earnings and cut expenses.

And if you won’t take advantage of internet, your competitor will.

This is not a matter of “keeping with” but “getting ahead” way of thinking, should your competitor found one more marketing and sales advantage by placing his goods and services online, it is a must you should do the same.

Internet is another way a small entrepreneur can level with larger ones.


1. A Website is a business tool to enhance your customer service.

2. Provide prospects and buyers around-the-clock access to your business online through the Internet

3. Do not let your competitors “get ahead” online! Build your own Website now!

4. Boost earnings and profits! Showcase your latest products and services in your Website Gallery! Helps buyers make the choice to buy your goods and latest offers any time of the day, anywhere in the world!

5. Internet gives you a chance to be “in the crowd” alongside successful names and businesses and the largest multi-national companies in the world!

6. Be recognized globally through the Internet by your Website’s links to business Portals and Search Engines such as,, etc.

7. Discover Internet Marketing and find out how this will add to your business growth


1. Email is the cheapest and easiest form of communication, cheaper than phone calls or text messaging and of course, decrease in expenses of customer support and inquiries.

2. Advertising is cheaper in the Internet than radio, newspaper, television ad billboards. You can offer free literature or any other information on your Web site!

3. Direct mailing of catalogs, brochure, etc is cheaper than using printed media.

4. Your Web site works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Prospects can visit your site from their home or office whenever they want! A very strategic show room since you will have a global audience and it is safe from fire, floods, and burglary. Your Web site will showcase your business, products, and/or services to potential buyers -- all day and all night!

5. You can capture the names, address, and phone numbers of prospects that visit your site!

6. Internet visibility will be critical to your business. You need to develop a website to catalog the various services you are providing to help establish your credibility. An example of this is to include a list of your clients and the services you have provided to them.

7. Your Web site requires no employees and no computer equipment!
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